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Dear Veteran – thanks for your sacrifice now piss off.

This is utterly shamefull on the part of Harper’s Conservatives.
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Last month, the final Canadian troops on the ground in Afghanistan headed home. Canadians will debate for years to come the value of Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan. A lot of money was spent and too many lives were sacrificed or compromised with not much to show. I know we are supposed to be excited by those long line-ups of exclusively men waiting to vote last week in Afghanistan. Somehow, in the face of more Canadians wounded or killed this year alone, we are not reassured. The best thing that can be said is Canada mollified the U.S. by agreeing to participate in Afghanistan after wisely declining to participate in the Iraq debacle. We chose the lesser of two evils.

Our soldiers, however, did not enter into this unholy covenant with cynicism. They went because they thought they would help their country and make a contribution to others. They no doubt…

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