Humble Dogs

That they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts. Matthew 13:15b

Most Blessed

All people have been programmed to love.
In what form that love develops in the object of our love is how we live.

  • To be raised in an environment of love is to be most blessed.
  • To be shown tenderness, when the world is tough.
  • To be shown to give, when the world is taking.
  • To be shown to care, when the world seems callous.
  • To be shown to respect, midst a world of disdain.
  • To be shown to be honest, midst a world of deception.
  • To be shown to forgive, in a world of condemnation.

Our future is governed by our history which we write in our present.

Life is a dance to which we must learn the steps lest we stumble.

Life is a continuum of surprise; our attitude of acceptance defines our character.

One’s life is a series of movements in a symphony,
each conjoined with efficacy upon the other.

8 thoughts on “Most Blessed

  1. Yes that is a picture of my dog, no he is not blind in one eye. He is Shiatsu mix and at most times a very obedient dog . Looks too funny with shaved hair and hard to maintain when its long. Loves to be outside digging, they are a ratter breed.

  2. What wonderful simplicity. Thank you. I love the dog – and your comment – and will be sending a link to this post to all my animal-loving friends. Thanks for visiting the noontimes.

  3. Some good thoughts there. Had a dog that looked like that only blueish and was never too sure what it was. Thanks, guess the hunch was correct, but a good dog.

  4. x
    Submitted on 2013/01/27 at 06:02

    You wrote on anther blog.
    I am not a believer in god making things happen. People should believe in themselves to get things done, handing decisions over to blind faith is a recipe for disaster. Who is correct in their assumption of which is the true religion. It`s all up to ones individual interpretation.

    Your assumption is I presume, belief in Christ is ‘Bind Faith’. It is not blind faith when you meet Christ in person. To understand the meaning, read Acts 9.
    Select comment Leo
    Submitted on 2013/01/27 at 13:35 | In reply to dogbronte.
    I do believe that all religions are blind faith, including Black Magic, because they can never be proved or dis proved.
    I have never met anyone who has seen Christ, but I do know that the bible was put together by Royal decree. This means that not only is the translation suspect but also the content. It was one Kings idea of what people should know, it also gave the church more control over peoples daily lives..The church relies on peoples guilt for their wealth, and who instilled this guilt?.

    • I can only speak for Christianity. I will admit that there are many perverse religions even churches who wave the Christian banner but, do not always believe in truth. The proof is in those who do believe the Truth. Those who have met Christ, God, in spirit not the flesh. There is much more to a person than just this physical body. The real person is the spirit he has within him. Even you know your parents better by their spirit, their “character”, than you do by just their physical form. It is through the spirit that brings about family ties and other close friendships. It is our spirit that loves, has heartaches, grieves for those we love. All the emotions we attribute to being human are more than our flesh, they are part of our very souls. Yes, you too have a soul, a spirit, which guides you in your life. Creates a need for this or that, hungers for what you desire most. Your spirit is your life’s guide. That is religion. You, sir are religious, realize it or not.

      As to meeting someone who has seen Christ in the flesh, I know of no-one either. I do know of many, probably thousands, who have met Christ in spirit, where the real relationships are formed.

      I am not sure of what Royal decree you refer to. The Bible, as the name suggests is a collection of writings divided into two sections, the first being the older, Jewish writings which have stood the test of both time and scrutiny, probably first brought together about 500 b.c. The new testament is a collection of accounts and letters written during the first 90 years A.D. In 367 A.D., Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, gave a list of exactly what books should become the New Testament. The only Royal “decree” I am aware of is King James who provisioned that the “Bible” be translated into English in 1611. Not for controlling people through religion but, just the opposite, that the people could read the Bible for themselves and not be controlled by doctrine.

      As for relying on guilt for church wealth, please, visit the vast majority of churches in this country. You will not see great wealth. Yes, some churches have acquired some wealth over the years. Yes, some may play the quilt trip on their parishioners to have them give more. I cannot speak for those individual churches. The church I attend is definitely not wealthy, nor the pastor, and gives most of the “tithe” back into the community.

  5. “To be shown to give, when the world is taking” is so true. It’s quite sad just how much the world is all about taking, which makes it hard to give. Yet God was the one who gave us Himself in the first place. So we should keep trying! Great post!

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