Humble Dogs

That they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts. Matthew 13:15b


Enjoy the following Videos:

BC’s Huge Gamble – ENBRIDGE NORTHERN GATEWAY – John Bolenbaugh

Great Bear Sea – Canada’s Gift to the Earth
This is no place for oil tankers

The Great Bear region of British Columbia’s north coast is one of Canada’s ecological treasures. Here the world’s last intact temperate rainforest meets some of the planet’s last large wild rivers and most productive coldwater seas.

The Northen Gateway Pipeline and the megatankers that follow threatens the very heart of the Great Bear. It could damage or destroy the cultural, ecological, and economic values this region offers and it’s a big step back from the hard work done to manage and safeguard this global treasure.

Tar sands to tankers – The fight against Enbridge
Enbridge wants to build its Northern Gateway pipeline that will carry more than half a million barrels of crude oil a day for Alberta’s tar sands to Kitimat where it will be loaded onto supertankers bound for Asia. That’s over 200 supertankers eacy year, loaded with crude oil sailing through important fishing grounds, critical whale habitiat and the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest.

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