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Maple Leafs Woes

Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke vows to make tweaks.

Great headline. Leafs miss playoffs for 7th straight year. Fans upset

What hockey fans forget is that the NHL is business, not sport. It is in the business of entertainment and hockey is the venue. As a business the Leafs are doing very well, 5th in the league, 793,522 sold seats for the season, averaging 19,354 per game. That is about max the franchise can do. They don’t need improvement and there is little to gain by spending more monies on the roster.

If Leaf fans want a winning team – don’t give your support. When the income starts dropping, the improvements will come. That’s business. The NHL has a problem – there are not enough skilled actors to fill the casts of 30 franchises. It is not the main actors, the multimillion dollar players, it is the supporting cast. Why should they play at top level for less than half pay the stars are getting? Lower the pay for the top few players and give incentives for the supporting players and we will see better, more even hockey. One big problem is that the majority of NHL fans would rather watch pseudo sport, the slap, bang and scramble of today’s game along with the hooking, boarding and fighting than good play making and sportsmanship. The NHL will give them what they are willing to pay for.

As for the Cup; This year it is probably going west. Vancouver doesn’t need the win so probably go out in round three. Watch for St. Louis or San Jose – perhaps even Nashville to take it all. Deserving – perhaps no – it’s just business!

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