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New Poll- No Tankers

Canadians are invited to answer a Poll on their opinions concerning Tanker Traffic on the BC North Coast.

No to Tankers Poll

The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline will deliver crude oil from the Tarsands of Alberta to the Port of Kitamat on the North coast of British Columbia where it will be loaded on to Mega-Tankers, 3X the size of the infamous Exxon Valdes carrying up to 10X the amount of crude, then transported through the most treacherous channels and passages on the North Coast.

This area has the highest number of shipping incidents in all of the North American Coast line. An area which is abundantly rich in marine life and shore life dependent on a clean environment.

This is the area dubbed The Great Bear Rain Forest. Home of the world famous one of a kind, iconic Spirit Bear. Info on Saving Kermode Bears The proposed tanker routes run through or are directly beside; Dewdney Glide Islands Ecological Preserve, Moore McKenny Ecological Preserve, Union Passage Marine Provincial Park. Other Ecologically sensitive areas within 50 kilometers of the tanker routes include: Naikoon Park, Lowe Inlet Marine Park, Klewnuget Marine Park and 50 or more fish bearing streams, 12 or more clam and oyster beds, and several herring spawn areas. All these could be gone forever when (not if – when) a spill occurs.

The federal government announced a moratorium on offshore drilling and on crude-oil tanker traffic passing through Dixon Entrance, Hecate Strait, and Queen Charlotte Sound, 40 years ago (Hansard 1972), approved by the Social Credit government of BC in 1989.

Stop the Gateway Pipeline which will bring Mega Tankers to the BC coast. Oil spills are inevitable.
Dogwood Initiative, Petition
The most effective thing Canadians can do right now would be to sign and share the No Tankers petition. The more people who sign the petition the better able we are to exercise the power of Canadians who refuse to relinquish our Values.

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