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9:00 AM Christmas Morning

It is 9:00 AM Christmas morning, been up for 2 hours, fed the dog and let him out for a run, made a pot of coffee, have a short prayer time, not that much different than any other morning. Other than exchange gifts with the wife (a new pair of slippers). I suppose that is what Christmas day comes to when your retired and the children and grandchildren live an hour or so away.

We have always been a boxing day get-to-gether family ever since our children were very young. It always seemed easier to let the kids have Christmas at home and ware off some of the new toy excitement before venturing out for an hours drive to visit Granny, whos house was always full with the children of my brother and sister and their spouses. Some traditions stick. Tomorrow the house will see some activity.

I feel compelled to write something witty or thought provoking but, alas, this Christmas morning in our house is just another day. I am wondering what Christmas day is for other people. I recall the busyness of this day. After attending midnight mass and losing two hours of sleep because the kids woke up early. The excitement of children as they discovered new treasure. The constant pickup of strewn wrappings and ribbons. The phone calls to relatives, each child in turn telling granny their Christmas story. The preparation of continuous snacks and then the preparation of the feast. It definitely was a full day, punctuated with happiness, excitement and at the end, a feeling of relief it was over. Oh, no, we have to do it all over again at grannies house tomorrow.

Was it all worth the effort? An absolute and positive – YES!! Now its time to make breakfast.


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