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So it’s New Years Eve

I am not one for gala partying. I would rather spend celebrations with a few close friends than in a larger crowd. This New Years eve will be very quiet for me, for one, I am beginning to find that staying up past eleven o’clock is hard on my system. I am a 6 AM wake-up person. I can’t help it, it is my internal alarm clock (I also need to pee). If I stay up late, I will lose sleep.

As for New Years; are we celebrating a successful past year or are we looking forward to greater opportunity in the new. For some it may be, “Thank God, that year is over.” Either way, it’s another year of our lives – gone! Perhaps I should be making the most of a new year knowing that there is not all that many left now that I have reached three score and ten. But then, I am nearer to being with Christ, Hallelujah!

Celebrations are often contradictions. How much time, effort and money do people spend in an effort to feeling and looking younger, only to spend more dollars to celebrate their birthdays each year and the fact that they are getting older. Or is the celebration in saying, “I may be a year older, but I still look and feel young”.

Happy New Year. May your new year be one of peace.


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