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Back to Beginning – Christiane Amanpour

Last night I watched the ABC News special “Back to the Beginning with Christiane Amanpour
“takes viewers on the ultimate road trip traveling to the lands of the Bible to explore the fundamental roots of three religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and the powerful stories that inspire billions.” It is touted as “Friday’s #1 Show”

I have always appreciated Ms Amanpour as a reporter and journalist as she usually brings a new perspective to current events. On this documentary though, I feel she totally missed out. Nothing original, nothing new. To me it was just the home movie of a families vacation through Egypt and Israel with a few stops along the way. I turned it off before the end.

Her primary message seemed to be how historical evidence did not match with many of the Biblical accounts. Most Christians, possibly Jews and Muslims as well, know this already and their faith is not based on the absolute accuracy but, the message the Bible expounds. What most researchers find and are amazed at is how often the historical and archaeological evidence proves how accurate the Biblical accounts actually are.

How many non-believers and skeptics will be turned off religion by her documentary?
Was that her reason for making this report, disprove the Bible or make it repugnant?


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