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Ezra Levant and Sun News

I am not a regular viewer of the Sun News Network but I will often flip to see what they are commenting on during commercial breaks. Most of the reporters and journalists are generally good and give fair and honest reports. Then there is Ezra Levant. The first time I heard him, I thought I had tuned in to Fox News by mistake. Levant needs to take his twisted, ultra conservative, one sided agenda to Fox and play to the all the little minds who love to gobble up and feed on his type of garbage.

He loves to take sound bites from interviews with people he doesn’t agree with and totally twist them out of context. On Elizabeth May he says;
“Elizabeth May is likable enough, but her recent comments are more of her off the wall, delusional speech.”
“Elizabeth May does not know what she’s talking ABOUT!”

Sorry Ezra, but it is you who hasn’t done the research.

Here is some of what Ezra Levant says on the pipeline hearings;
“Opening Gateway hearing to ‘anyone’ — literally any person, any child, any foreign citizen — just a waste of time, money
The only question is whether Leggett is naive, incompetent or biased against the pipeline.”
“Some of the forms have been faxed in. They helpfully have the fax signature stamp at the top of the page, showing which foreign-funded lobby group is working to gin up names.”
“Those foreign billionaires are getting their money’s worth — they’ve managed to delay the hearings by a year before they’ve even started.”

“What a fool. No court would permit such a gong show. And Leggett has court-like powers.”

On the Gateway Pipeline he says;
“Obama may not want our oil, but let’s not sabotage ourselves”
“Our choice has to be to putting Canada’s interests first. We should do everything we can to press Obama to approve Keystone XL. But we’ve got to work on Plan B: Finding other markets for our oil.”
“Which is why the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline is such an obvious answer.”
“It would be a win for Canada. And a win for the communities in B.C. ravaged by anti-logging extremists who killed their lumber industry. International lobby groups such as Greenpeace, along with billionaire foundations from the U.S., drove thousands of British Columbians out of work, and destroyed dozens of towns that depended on forestry.”

No Ezra, What killed the forest industry is exporting to countries who are allowed to buy raw logs instead of processing them in Canada and selling the lumber. The number of jobs in BC from the pipeline, perhaps 40, max.

This is Ezra Levant who claims; “Global-warming, a sham”. “Evidence gathered from torture is sometimes necessary to protect lives.”

If you really want to listen to or read some of his mostly trash for yourself – Ezra Levant


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