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Predictions on the Gateway Project

My Predictions on the Gateway Project

  1. Regardless of the findings of the Pipeline Joint Review Panel, the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline, (newly dubbed the Panda Pipeline) will go through. PM Harper wants it and that is all it takes. He will sign the deal. Any consultation is just political pandering.
  2. There will be large scale environmental NGO and First Nations backed protests across the country. Canada will become a symbol of anti-environmental, anti-aboriginal legislation around the world.
  3. As the pipeline is being built, there will be countless protests with opponents standing in the way to the point where the army will have to be called. The police will not be able to deal with the situation alone.
  4. Construction problems mainly due to failure to maintain safety and environmental standards will plague the project. A parliamentary review will be called.
  5. PM Harper will resign in 2016. Conservatives will lose the following election.
  6. The pipeline will take 2 years longer to complete than anticipated, the cost over-runs will be almost double the estimated price. Canada will be on the hook to pay for the extra costs, in about 6 billion dollars when all added up.
  7. The Keystone Pipeline through the US will pass and completed about the same time.
  8. A hurried expansion in the tarsands will take place to ensure delivery to both to the detriment of environmental standards.
  9. When the pipeline is first opened in 2019, 2-4 leaks will appear creating 5 to 10 million dollars in environmental damage and recovery.
  10. As the first tankers attempt to enter BC waters they will be met with an armada of war canoes, fishing boats and private vessels. The Canadian Navy will be called out to clear a passage. Several boats will be capsized.
  11. Enbridge will sell it’s share of the Gateway Pipeline project leaving it entirely under Chinese corporate management.
  12. An oil spill will occur within 5 years of operation. Cleanup and compensation to First Nations loss will be in excess of 2 billion dollars. A new moratorium will reduce tanker size.
  13. Law suits over responsibility for cleanup will continue for 10 or more years.

..And then again, I may be wrong.


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